Here we have compiled some of the most common queries that our customers usually have. If you need more help or have a question that is not on this list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Geospatial data is managed or produced from the platform?

Mapia's technological platform is used to produce any type of geospatial data or information in any of its phases: capture, editing, maintenance, updating, revision, incorporation, debugging, quality control or publication.

Mapia platform is currently used to produce cartographic, urban planning, cadastral data, roads, service networks (sewer, water, telephone...), topographical surveys, plots, toponymy, asset inventory...

Is Mapia a web or desktop application?

Mapia is a technology platform that contains web modules, desktop modules and plugins that work on the main geospatial platforms today (Bentley Microstation, AutoCAD, ESRI, QGIS, FME...
The different modules can be linked and combined with each other according to the needs of each client through APIs or plugins.

Do I need Mapia modules?

Contact us and tell us about your case. We will help you implement the necessary technology and create the most suitable operational flows.

Mapia platform is a modular and scalable solution that allows you to start with small users and grow to create a corporate work infrastructure.

What is the price of the different Mapia modules?

Mapia platform is a scalable solution that has many modules and extensions that allow the products to be adapted to the specific needs of each customer. Contact us and we will help you choose the best solution for your case and also to get all the available information about pricing, support options, resources, offers, frequently asked questions, customer stories, case studies success...

What data models does Mapia support?

In all capture, editing, debugging, quality control and publishing tasks, Mapia supports any data model. A geospatial data model describes how data is represented and used.
The tool itself allows customizing any existing data model. There are currently Mapia implementations for ICGC models (v2.1, v2.2, RTL...), BTA models, MUC urban planning model, organizations' own models...

How many users Mapia licenses allow?

Licenses on Mapia's web platforms always have unlimited users. Web applications are contracted at the client level and allow as many users (public and private) to operate as needed.

Licenses on desktop platforms can work at corporate level (all users) or limit a specific number of users (1-n). Desktop application licenses work per machine (1 computer – 1 license – 1 user).

For desktop applications, what are the minimum system requirements?

  • Windows 7 or higher ( plugins depend on the base application).
  • 100 MB of free disk space, or more.

In which versions of Bentley do the Mapia plugins work?

Works on any Bentley product that allows running modules:

Microstation , OpenRoads , OpenCities , Descartes...

The main plugins work on the v8i versions and on the Benltey CONNECT versions. Contact us for more information.

In which versions of ArcGIS Pro do the Mapia plugins work?

Currently, all plugins work on versions of ArcGIS Pro v3 or higher.

The web versions of Mapia can be installed on own servers?

Mapia web platforms can be used from the cloud or Mapia's own servers or deployed on any client server.

Are Mapia training courses and manuals available?

Mapia platform has online training courses and manuals for all products so that users can complete the corresponding training. The Mapia team also carries out standard or customized training courses (online and face-to-face) according to the needs of each client.

In what languages is Mapia available?

Most Mapia modules, documentation and training courses are available in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Is there a free version of Mapia?

Mapia platform has demo modules and trial versions. Contact us and we will provide you with the demo you need.

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