Mapia is a technological platform that optimizes and improves all processes linked to geospatial data.

Get the maximum benefit from all your geoinformation by facilitating decision making, analysis and exploitation as well as the creation or updating of new data sets.

Mapia technology is a comprehensive solution that adapts according to the business model and specifications of our clients, providing the results, information and usability required.


Geospatial Production

Designed to optimise generation, maintenance, and publishing processes of geospatial data, both corporate and official, 2D and 3D (cadastre, cartography, urban planning, service networks, etc.). The resulting work system is simple, standardised, and shared across the organisation (users, roles, profiles, tools, resource files, workflow, etc.).


Work with point clouds and 360 panoramas wherever and whenever you want

MapiaStreets® is the tool that allows any user to work in an agile and simple way with point clouds and 360 panoramas from Mobile Mapping, LIDAR aerial, or terrestrial Laserscanner surveys.


Web Publishing

Mapia Online is a multi-device and multi-user technology platform based on web mapping and GIS cloud. It allows distributing and managing geospatial data in all areas without the need for a specific infrastructure, facilitating decision-making, analysis, and exploitation.


Data Download, FXCC, Electronic Office

MapiaMapFactory module for DGC cadastral data processing: data downloading by reference, geographic area, or municipality; data query; FXCC files creation and edition; WMS uploading WMS; history review, etc.


Stereoscopic vision

Restitution module on Microstation CONNECT platform with all the available features of Mapia CONNECT.


Urban Production

It features a work environment prepared for the digitisation of urban data, its processing, debugging, quality control, and export to official formats and web publishing.


Customer reviews

At Mapia, we offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients and we are proud to see how their experiences exceed their expectations. Here you can see some testimonies from people who have trusted us to bring their projects to life.

María Sánchez

"Mapia has revolutionized the way we manage our projects. Now, we can make more informed decisions in real time, which has led to a substantial increase in operational efficiency and significant cost reduction."

María Sánchez, Operational manager

Laura Martínez

"As urban planners, we rely on accurate geospatial data to make critical decisions. Mapia has greatly simplified our work, providing us with access to up-to-date information and allowing us to collaborate more effectively with other municipal departments."

Laura Martínez, Urban Planning Coordinator

Mapia Technologies Team

Experts in geospatial data and solutions

For more than 20 years we have been providing geospatial information solutions to the main public and private agents that manage and transform the territory.< /span>

Mapia Technologies offers solutions in consulting, development, technology and production of geoinformation for professional use for governments, industries and infrastructure operators.< /span>

All our activity is aimed at maximizing the potential of our clients' spatial and textual data, for whom we create sustainable data models with accessibility and interoperability criteria.



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