Mapia MapFactory

Mapia Map Factory

Mapia Map Factory is a desktop platform designed to optimize the mapping processes, from 2D/3D capturing and updating of geodata to its publication. The resulting workflow is simple, standardized and shared across the organization (users, profiles, tools, resource files, workflows, ...).

Mapia Map Factory optimizes the production cycle and guarantees the quality through all the mapping process: drawing tools and specific editing (2D/3D), elevation control, management of entities and attributes, connectivity with spatial databases, export GIS formats, integration with public data services, tools topological ...

Modular and scalable

More than 300 tools organized by modules to work in all mapping phases according to your needs: capturing tools, 3D stereo measurements, drawing, editing, debugging, field works, publishing, catalog, import and export data to multiple formats, topology, features management, quality control, DTM, reports, ...

Design and usability

The interface, its logic and the associated documentation allow a quick training and fast adaptation of new users. It is customizable to different uses and requirements.

and workflows

The platform has different options for developers and designers in order to get an easy integration of Mapia Map Factory in any business environtment. With MapiaNET API you can create additional tools and automatic workflows through its integration with Python 2.7.


Mapia Map Factory is designed for public and private markets. The platform fits the business model and specifications of our customers by providing the results, the information and the usability required: Public Administration, Utilities, Infrastructures, Agriculture, Industry, Engineering and Construction.


All Mapia products are modular, scalable, customizable and compatible. Consult with us the solution or solutions that are best suited to your case. Some of our available modules...

Mapia® Viewer

Web viewer responsive desing

Viewer web to publish, manage and visualize the necessary geoinformation. 100 % configurable, it supports the main geospatial formats and it has lots of preset plug -ins chosen by the user: manager layers, measuring distances and areas, street ... It allows load practically all the public information (Google Maps, StreeView, Bing, OSM, ...)

Mapia® Historic

Comparador d'històrics

Web tool to compare geospatial layers, either raster or vector data. It has many predefined existing layers (Google, OSM, Cadastre, ICC, ... ) . We can extend its capabilities by linking any of the plug- ins Mapia ® Viewer.

Mapia® Draw

Creation and editing

Multitude of desktop and web tools to facilitate both the creation and capture of geometric elements and further editing. Ideal for cartography maintaining, editing cad, construction projects, ... It allows working connected to any data model: official specifications, OGC, own, ..

Mapia® Box

Geospatial finder

Manager and search geospatial data and resources. Mapia® Box centralizes, catalog and distribute geo-information, as well as access it from web or desktop environments. It allows linking any own resources or public resources available(ICGC, Cadastre,... )

Mapia® 3D

3D Web Viewer

3D Web Viewer specifically created to operate with dense clouds of points. It is optimized for use from standard web browsers without requiring any additional plug -in. Has several predefined plug -ins on user choose: measurements, saved views, view control on the map,...

Mapia® CleanUp


Set of tools created by the topological debugging and quality control of any set of geospatial data. It allows working connected to any data model. The main tools include: automatic connectivity (2D / 3D), segmentation, polygon creation, stroke, generalization of elements, duplicates, residual fragments, gaps, loops, knots, ......

Mapia® DB

Spatial Database Manager

Module with necessary functionality to work with spatial databases: Oracle, PostGIS, ... databases Connects to your desktop application for editing geometries or publish data directly in the web viewer. The module has an API to customize all operations and adapt each case.

Mapia® DTM

Terrain operations

Application for creating and managing digital terrain models (DTMs), triangular breaklines and fill points, defined exclusion zones and export data to common formats LandXML, XYZ, Bentley Terrain ... The module lets you draw directly elements on the ground or project data models.

Mapia® Drone

Fly manager

Web module created specifically for the management and distribution frames flights flying from Drone or conventional photogrammetric flights. The application allows you to view, information, search or download any frame in flight. It lets you manage multiple flights.

Mapia® Tematics

Create your maps

Application or web module to generate thematic maps that can be viewed from Mapia® Viewer. It allows defining the representation symbology, create representations by category, gradual, rule-based, heat maps, charts, ... can also display data from social networks like Twitter, Instagram, ...

Mapia® FieldJobs

Revision and field inventory

Set of tools required to perform field works: annotations, measurements, drawing in situ geometries, photographs, incorporating specific attributes using forms ... It allows doing the necessary tasks and dump the data directly to the source server and update databases corresponding data.

Mapia® DataTransfer

Import/Export data

Converter vector data in multiple formats and reference systems. Converts data from ED50 to ETRS89 or WGS84 automatically. Export your data to standard CAD formats such as: GeoJSON, Shapefile, KML, ORACLE, CSV, TopoJSON, WKT, TXT, ...

    Mapia creates, manages and publishes all your geoinformation    

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