Create, manage and publish all your geoinformation

Create, manage and publish all your geoinformation

mapia technologies

What is Mapia?

Mapia is a technologic platform developed by infraplan that optimizes and improves all the processes related to geospatial data.

It gets the maximum benefit of all your geoinformation facilitating decision-making, analysis and explotation and the creation or updating of new data sets.

How does it work?

You can use Mapia throughout the process or only in phases where you need. Ask us and we 'll help you set or to choose the most appropriate solution.


It obtains the data by any of the existing sensors. +info.


It creates, updates, refines and processes the data according to your needs. +info.


It organizes and classifies data structure obtaining the desired information. +info.


It shares and distributes all your geospatial information. +info.


Mapia technology is an integral solution that adapts according to the business model and specifications of our customers by providing the results required information and usability.

Use our solutions to create or integrate geospatial environment most appropriate to your business process.

Attractive, intuitive and easy user interface.

Mapia Online is fully compatible with all devices desktop, mobile and touch with an easy and clear user interface.


All Mapia products are modular, scalable, customizable and compatible. Consult with us the solution or solutions that are best suited to your case. Some of our products...

Mapia Map Factory

Mapia Map Factory is a desktop platform designed to optimize the mapping processes, from 2D/3D capturing and updating of geodata to its publication. The resulting workflow is simple, standardized and shared across the organization (users, profiles, tools, resource files, workflows, ...).

Mapia Map Factory optimizes the production cycle and guarantees the quality through all the mapping process: drawing tools and specific editing (2D/3D), elevation control, management of entities and attributes, connectivity with spatial databases, export GIS formats, integration with public data services, tools topological ...

Mapia Online

Mapia Online is a web mapping and GIS cloud platform. With multi-device and multi-user capabilities, all user can manage, analyze and publish geospatial data without any need for a specific infrastructure, allowing fast decision-making.

Specific web tools to create geoportals, incident management, infrastructure monitoring, historical control, digitizing, search, release distribution of resources, access to services and public data, image server...

The Mapia platform develops products both on OpenSource and proprietary software. Mapia can be deployed using different models, check with us to see which one best suits your needs.


All products or custom development to use from a desktop computer. They are usually integrations on existing technology platforms as Bentley, ESRi, Qgis, ...


Multi-user multi-device and web applications hosted on our servers MapiaServer®. These servers make up the cloud of Infraplan prepared and optimized to host and manage geospatial data. MapiaServer® is constructed by the main opensource software geodata treatment. Ask for a username and password and start working !!, ...


MapiaServer® deployment on an external server. It allows to have the entire structure and technology MapiaServer® in a client server property that may be on the intranet itself, extranet or internet.

Mapia APIs (for developers)

Improve, upgrade and customize the applications and modules according to your needs Mapia by any of the APIs available.

MapiaWeb JS  MapiaBox NET  
MapiaDB NET  MapiaScripts v2

If you are not a developer, ask us what you need.


If you need a custom development to create your Geoportal, Territorial Information System (SIT), add -ins and components for Bentley, ESRI, Qgis ... ask us . We will find the best solution.


Some of the technologies we work with...



We are engineers, we're developers, we are consultants.

We have a consolidated structure led by engineers, geographers and programmers. It is configured as a cross organization where technology is the key to ensuring success and rigor of products.

    Mapia creates, manages and publishes all your geoinformation    

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